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SharePoint & Infopath Development and Mail Merge web parts for SharePoint 2007 2010 & 2013

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Developing SharePoint since 2005 with custom applications including Intranets and Extranet Portals, our range of SharePoint products including CRM and problem solving Infopath forms and a growing collection of innovative 2007 and SP2010 Web Parts for Mail Merge, Email Marketing a world's first in SharePoint development. We're also now offering SharePoint 2010 Foundation installation and configuration completely free of charge when you agree to a 24 month support & maintenance agreement, call us today to arrange a demo and start reaping the benefits of SharePoint for free.

SharePoint Mail and Emerge Lite

Choose Mail Merge Lite web part to merge a maximum of 25 contacts' data into Word templates, the merged documents can be printed or sent as attachments by email. Contact data can also be merged into the body text of the email for an attractive and personalised email.
375 includes one license key, optional 12 months support 300
$575 includes one license key, optional 12 months support $450
Call today for an on-line demonstration 0845 531 3883

Freedom Of Information Act

Freedom of Information Request Monitoring

Create and track Freedom of Information Requests. Defaulting to a 20 day countdown, taking into consideration weekends and bank/public holidays, you can also elect to add a further 20 days for items assessed as being of special public interest (PIT), pause the routine at any time, then restart as necessary. Try our demonstration. No additional software required. Our demonstration includes the option to merge request details into an email template or word document for posting or filing.
Call today for an on-line demonstration 0845 531 3883
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